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Featured Facility - CCTV


1. What year was your organization established?



2. What city/cities does your organization serve?

CCTV airs on  Channel 11 in Chatfield but  also airs simultaneously on Mediacom’s Channel 22 which reaches 32 cities in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa. Many events replay on the weekends on Charter Cable Channel 181 in Rochester as well. Many of our events we also air live on Facebook and everything that is aired on Channel 11 is able to be watched on our website so we have heard many stories of people watching around the world.


3. What is the approximate population of the area your organization serves?

Chatfield itself is about 2,800 but the area I have no idea.


4. What is the board/management structure?

We have a CCTV board that reports to the city council, we do have a city council member as well as a student rep

5. How many full-time and part-time staff members?

1 part-time administrator

6. How many channels does your organization manage?

Right now we have 1 channel with one cable provider however we are working on acquiring a new station with another cable provider that is new to our town.

7. Do you have a fun fact or story about your organization?

The most memorial story is hearing that a father that was stationed overseas in the service got to watch is daughter walk across the stage live as she graduated high school. 

8. Please list your organization’s website and social media links.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chatfieldtv/
Facebook Videos: https://www.facebook.com/chatfieldtv/videos/336425840630845/

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5775 Wayzata Blvd, Suite 700 | St. Louis Park, MN 55416
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