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MACTA is proud to highlight current members on a regular basis in this area of the website.  The member features include facility and programming photos, answers to a short facility questionnaire, and a link to a recent production.  We hope that you enjoy learning more about our latest featured member…

ICTV - Itasca Community Television, Inc.


1. What year was your organization established?


2. What city/cities does your organization serve?
The franchise agreement  communities include Cities of Grand Rapids, LaPrairie and Cohasset, plus the Town of Harris.  We do, however, extend service throughout Itasca County. 


3. What is the approximate population of the area your organization serves?



4. What is the board/management structure?
Itasca Community Television, Inc. (ICTV) is a nonprofit organization headed by a Board of Directors.
The franchise communities appoint members to the Grand Rapids Area Cable Commission with which ICTV has an operating agreement for the channels, provisions for public access and government meeting coverage. 

5. How many full-time and part-time staff members?
There is a highly cross-trained full-time staff of five.  There is an executive director, operations manager, programming coordinator/producer, lead producer and administrative associate. 

6. How many channels does your organization manage?

ICTV manages three channels on both Mediacom and Paul Bunyan Communications.  Channel 2/32 is the public access and educational access channel; 5/35 is a bulletin board channel; and 7/37 is the government channel, our live-stream and on-demand channel. 

7. Do you have a fun fact or story about your organization?
ICTV sticks fairly religiously to local programming. The government channel is our most-watched channel.  However, our most popular programming on the public access side has always been outdoor programming.  Just Outdoors with Tom Chapin boasts the most recommended program on YouTube for how to skin and butcher a deer. It is followed closely on how to debone a northern.

This may come from ICTV’s very first programming beyond time and temperature in 1982 –even before the nonprofit was incorporated.  That first program aired was an extensive show (complete with 70s style snowmobile suits) on how to trap beaver.  We still roll that one out at least once a year. 

8. Please list your organization’s website and social media links.

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