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The Minnesota Association of Community Telecommunications Administrators (MACTA) is a statewide professional organization of city representatives and staff, as well as a state chapter of National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors (NATOA). MACTA maintains a strong cohesive network that speaks, advocates, provides conferences and shares information with and for cities and their residents. MACTA works for constituencies in the following areas:
  • The Regulation of Cable Television
  • Cities' "Rights-of-Way" Authority
  • The Administration of Cable Television Franchises
  • Advocacy and Voice of Cities for Improved Telecommunications at the State and Federal Level
  • Promote and Support Government Uses of Cable Television, including Community Programming
  • Encourage the development of Broadband

Telecommunications and Your City

Telecommunications is defined in Webster's dictionary as "communication by radio, telephone, telegraph, television, etc." For the public official or employee involved in the complex and evolving world of telecommunications, this definition is far too simple. For example, with the advent of cable television many local governments have had to quickly learn a new vocabulary. Terms such as institutional network, community access, Cable Act, consumer protection, telco, and franchising are issues which already affect many Minnesota municipalities.

But as quickly as these issues have developed, the next generation is already looming on the horizon. From coaxial cable to fiber optics to satellite, the telecommunications arena is changing more rapidly than a remote controlled television. As policy makers and cable professionals, we are faced with the ever-growing responsibility to understand, comprehend, and respond knowledgeably to the latest telecommunications issues that affect our cities.

As our cities move forward in the 21st century, we will have to determine how we will administer cable television and other related telecommunications issues. For many municipalities, this is an added challenge which must be balanced with a multitude of other concerns. Our cities, restricted by the confines of time and budgets, may not be able to devote ample energy to staying informed on the most recent court decisions, pending legislation or other telecommunications activities.

In Minnesota, cities have the right and obligation to manage the public rights-of-way on behalf of local taxpayers. Local cable franchising is a specific and important example of how cities have upheld that obligation, providing numerous benefits to residents, schools, community organizations and local businesses as a result.

If you are involved in cable television or telecommunications as a public official, an administrator, or other cable professional, then MACTA can be a valuable resource to your community.

Conferences and Workshops

Each year, MACTA holds a day-long annual conference that provides important educational opportunities for members. In addition to keynote speakers, two session tracks are offered, covering a variety of topics and interests. Attendees can choose the Policy/Legal track and learn about topics such as franchise renewal, legislative updates and other industry news, or follow the Content/Technical track and find out about the latest production techniques, as well as equipment and operation tips.

MACTA also holds additional regular workshops/events throughout the year, such as the MACTA Day at the Capitol that provides the latest in legislative activity that affects members. This annual event is divided into two parts: A meeting for legislative updates, speakers and prep on this year's legislative talking points in the morning and a visit to the Capitol and State Office Building to meet and tape sessions with legislators in the afternoon.

Member Cities and Commissions

Minnesota Association of Community Telecommunications Administrators (MACTA) is a nonprofit association representing approximately 100 cities and townships in Minnesota. MACTA was formed in 1982 as a trade association supporting its member cities by providing educational, networking, and legislative/regulatory assistance in areas relating to cable television and telecommunications.

MACTA is a state chapter of the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors (NATOA). MACTA members include cities, cable commissions, community cable TV facilities, and advisors working with these organizations. MACTA also serves as a resource and works closely with the League of Minnesota Cities in the area of cable television, broadband and telecommunications.